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Born out of violence and the aspirations of its early settlers, the United States of America has become one of the world's most powerful nations, even as its past continues to inform its present and to mold its very identity as a nation.

ABOVE YELLOWSTONE is the first-ever aerial tour of Yellowstone National Park. It begins a 2-year run on PBS stations in June 2011. The purposes of the 40-minute film are to reveal Yellowstone as never seen before (virtually all of the park from the air), to celebrate its natural wonders, and to provide a brief contextual history of its geology, Native Peoples, wildlife, and current status as a destination for 3.6 million visitors annually.

What's your favorite state in America? This fun-filled book can help you decide. Bursting with delightful activities, it shows kids what makes the states so special. They'll find fascinating facts about the United States and colorable activity pages. Plus, they'll explore and learn about America as they make their way through twisting mazes, crosswords, find-the-difference scenes, follow-the-dot puzzles, and more. Solutions are included.

From the sierras of New Mexico to the streets of New York and LA by night—”a sort of luminous, geometric, incandescent immensity”—Baudrillard mixes aperçus and observations with a wicked sense of fun to provide a unique insight into the country that dominates our world. In this new edition, leading cultural critic and novelist Geoff Dyer offers a thoughtful and perceptive take on the continued resonance of Baudrillard’s America.

America is: love of family, community, individuality, liberty and freedom, justice, democracy, freedom of faith, freedom of speech, compassion, diversity, equal rights, education, innovation, opportunity, hope.

This popular introduction tackles the most recent trends in American politics and society through explanation, analyses, and interpretations of government processes – adding valuable context for students by considering these procedures and developments from an international perspective.

In clear language and with numerous examples, this book describes the basic characteristics of American culture: values, style of communication, patterns of thinking, customary behaviours, and underlines how they are different from the ways of other cultures.

Barack Obamast tema enda sõnadega. Barack Obama Ameerika elu. Barack Obama tulevikukujutlus. Saage tuttavaks - Obamade perekond. Asepresident Jospeh Biden.

Float down the Colorado River, soar over cliffs and coves, and get lost in the warm colors that make up the southwest! Grand Canyon Serenade is a stunning visual portrait of one of Earth's greatest wonders set to world-class music of Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Satie, lets you experience some of the most breathtaking adventures on the planet. This meditative film journey showcases the beauty and spiritual nature of one of America's crown jewels. Grand Canyon Serenade, previously viewed on public television, beautifully captures the awe-inspiring views and picturesque landscape that make the region so alluring. Go from the Redwall Cavern to Crystal Rapid and Havasu Creek to Marble Canyon, and beyond! Take a ride through the heart of the southwest's incredible wilderness, immerse yourself in white water adventures, embrace sheer cliff walls and fall in love with endless desert.

In this condition of affairs we find our justification for offering a new high school text in American history. Our first contribution is one of omission. The time-honored stories of exploration and the biographies of heroes are left out. In the next place we have omitted all descriptions of battles.

Lonely Planet USA is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Get inspired by transcendent landscapes like the Grand Canyon, tap into the pulse of iconic cities like New York, or let sultry southern music and food stir your soul; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of the USA and begin your journey now!

National Geographic is a renowned authority in cartographic excellence. For 119 years the Society's maps have helped spread geographic knowledge around the globe. A vast database allows National Geographic to combine the latest data gained by space-age technology with innovative digital mapping techniques to create state-of-the-art political, physical, and thematic maps.

Get hands-on with history in this exciting series! Each book is not only packed with fascinating facts, but every page has an activity make a terracotta soldier, put on a shadow puppet play, or wear a war helmet. Informative text and unique activities combine to bring ancient civilizations to life.

Since New Amsterdam became New York in 1664, constant change and development has been its driving force. Today, it is America's densest urban environment and most vital city, boasting one of the most recognizable skylines in the world.

Shot over three months by the world's most experienced high-definition aerial production team and an acclaimed wildlife photographer, the stunning imagery of Over Alaska is presented in letterbox format to retain its panoramic quality. The video is accompanied by compelling stories and an original music score to reveal an Alaska you will never forget!

Over Arizona is part of TOPICS Entertainment s exclusive DVD Excellence series featuring award-winning programs previously presented on public television, America s leader in high-quality entertainment and educational programming. The world-class documentaries in this series have sold more than a million copies.

Over California, previously seen on public television, was shot during the course of an entire year with high-definition cameras and is presented in letterbox format in order to retain its stunning panoramic quality. Award-winning cinematography by acclaimed filmmakers combined with dynamic sound uncovers a California you will want to experience time and again!

Miami, Disney World, the Keys! Take to the sunny skies and see it all in a thrilling journey Over Florida, which previously aired on PBS. Glide gracefully over the white sand beaches of the Gulf to the Everglades and everything in between. Get rare views of Floridas notorious alligators, the largest theme park on the planet and some of the hottest vacation destinations while you learn all about The Sunshine State s rich culture and history.

Celebrate New England from one of the most exhilarating vantage points possible: from above. 
Over New Englands stunning aerial cinematography provides rare views of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont in all their glory. Soar above red barns, white steeples, village greens, rugged coastlines, safe harbors and lighthouses in this classic look at New England from the air.

The Most Daring Mission Of The Civil War/April 1865 
Battlefield Detectives: The Civil War: Antietam/Battlefield Detectives: The Civil War: Gettysburg/Battlefield
Detectives: The Civil War: Shiloh 
Secret Missions Of The Civil War/The Lost Battle Of The Civil War 
Tales Of The Gun: Guns Of The Civil War/Eighty Acres Of Hell
Sherman’s March 

The most important documents of the United States of America are collected in this easy to read volume, which includes the Constitution of the United States of America, with the Bill of Rights and all of the Amendments; The Declaration of Independence; and the Articles of Confederation. Every United States citizen should have a copy of this important book.

A comprehensive look at American history. Intimate biographical investigation; provocative political, military and economic commentary and evocative original music. 

An incredible cinematic adventure through the awe-inspiring national parks and monuments of America’s Southwest. Filmed in high definition, this fully narrated production takes you from the edge of the red rock canyons to the rivers below, past hoodoos and towering arches. Follow in the footsteps of ancient cultures and early explorers, learn the geologic secrets that formed this amazing landscape. Come along on the ultimate journey through America’s great Southwest.

This unparalleled reference book is a powerful guide to the 44 incumbents who have held the highest-ranking political office in the United States government, with key facts and brief analysis of their lasting legacy. More than 460 photographs, paintings, sketches, election posters and documents illustrate this authoritative volume.

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