Grand Canyon Serenade

Topics Entertainment
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Run Time:
50 minutes

As seen on public television
Set to world-class music by Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Satie
See Redwall Cavern, Crystal Rapid, Havasu Creek, Marble Canyon and more!
Ride the rapids through the heart of the southwests incredible wilderness 

One of the Worlds Greatest Wonders!

Float down the Colorado River, soar over cliffs and coves, and get lost in the warm colors that make up the southwest!
Grand Canyon Serenade, a stunning visual portrait of one of Earths greatest wonders set to the world-class music of Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Satie, lets you experience some of the most breathtaking adventures on the planet. A meditative film journey by John Howe and Carol Dalrymple showcases the beauty and spiritual nature of one of Americas crown jewels.

Grand Canyon Serenade, previously viewed on public television, beautifully captures the awe-inspiring views and picturesque landscape that make the region so alluring. From the Redwall Cavern to Crystal Rapid and Havasu Creek to Marble Canyon and beyond! Take a ride through the heart of the southwests incredible wilderness, immerse yourself in white water adventures, embrace sheer cliff walls and fall in love with the beauty of endless desert. 
When John Wesley Powell explored the canyons of the Colorado River in 1869, he found a virtually unknown paradise the Grand Canyon. Start your adventure on the South Rim of Grand Canyon and take in some of the most breathtaking views on the planet. Time-lapse photography helps tell the story as clouds wash a landscape created by wind, water and time. Ride the rapids on the Colorado River as you enter another world: The trip begins at Lees Ferry, travels through Vaseys Paradise, past Redwall Cavern and Lava Falls before coming to a close on the North Rim.