Above Yellowstone [DVD]

Scott/Tyler Productions
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Run Time:
40 min

ABOVE YELLOWSTONE is the first-ever aerial tour of Yellowstone National Park. It begins a 2-year run on PBS stations in June 2011. The purposes of the 40-minute film are to reveal Yellowstone as never seen before (virtually all of the park from the air), to celebrate its natural wonders, and to provide a brief contextual history of its geology, Native Peoples, wildlife, and current status as a destination for 3.6 million visitors annually. The film is a celebration of Yellowstone and acknowledges the vital work done by NPS. Shot in High Definition during two days of flying in a helicopter in October 2010, the film has an original score and will be closed-captioned. A few of the segments are: The Lamar Valley, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Forest Fire, The Geyser Basins, and parts of Yellowstone as seen during the flight of a Bald Eagle. ABOVE YELLOWSTONE also has a series of maps which are helpful in contemplating or planning a trip.