The Real West [DVD]

History Channel
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9h 15min / 4 DVDs

Relive a fascinating collection of the most famous stories in American history with this fantastic DVD box set. The Real West looks back at the fierce battles that took place on the breeding ground for the most revered warriors and leaders to have entered combat. These are the incredible stories behind the heroes and villains whose stories have become the stuff of legend.

Watch the saga of one of the most hotly debated events in American history: the massacre of General Custer and over 250 of his soldiers by Sioux warriors at Little Bighorn and discover the truth behind an American tragedy, the massacre at Wounded Knee and the final defeat and humiliation of the Indians. Learn the incredible story of the great Apache guerrilla warrior Goyathlay, called “Geronimo” by Mexicans, who, embittered after being forced off his beloved Arizona land by American authorities in 1876, launched a series of bloody raids against white settlers. Take in the story of Sitting Bull, the great Sioux warrior and mystic medicine man who led his people in a bloody struggle for survival against the encroachment of the white man's “civilisation.”