Portrait of the USA

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  1. People - One From Many
    Immigration patterns and ethnic composition

  2. Geography - From Sea to Shining Sea
    Geography and regional characteristics

  3. History - Toward the City on a Hill
    A brief history of the United States

  4. Government - A Responsive Government
    Separation of powers and the democratic process

  5. Business - The Business of America
    Agriculture, mass production, the labor movement,
    and the economic system

  6. Education - A Diverse Educational System
    Structure, standards, and challenges

  7. Science & Medicine - A Republic of Science
    Inquiry and innovation in science and medicine

  8. Religion - Separating Church and State
    Freedom of religion

  9. Social Services - The Safety Net
    Public assistance and health care

  10. The Arts - Distinctively American Creativity
    Music, dance, architecture, visual arts, and literature

  11. Sports & Entertainment - Exporting Popular Culture
    Baseball, basketball, movies, jazz, rock and roll, and country music

  12. The Media - And its Messages
    Freedom of the press, newspapers, radio, and television

  13. Holidays - National Celebrations
    Holidays in the United States