Best Colleges 2018: Find the Best Colleges for You!

U.S. News & World Report
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Find out what programs you can look for that will raise your chances of thriving as a freshman, the many ways to wow the admissions office, and how to negotiate the best possible financial aid package. You’ll also get the latest Best Colleges rankings: exclusive lists of the country's top national universities, liberal arts colleges, regional colleges and universities, historically black colleges and universities, and undergraduate engineering and business programs. Also: Which schools leave grads with the heaviest and lightest debt loads?
• A look at streamlined programs you can apply to in high school that take you through law school or medical school
• How 8 recent high school grads chose their colleges – and got in
• How to write a terrific application essay
• Take a road trip with U.S. News to 12 colleges and universities in Washington state, Ohio, and North Carolina
• What you need to know to get a great financial aid package
• State by state directory profiling over 1,600 schools