Accent of Success, The: A Practical Guide for International Students

Prentice Hall Press
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With the population of international and immigrant students in the United States on the rise, The Accent of Success is a timely complement in helping students adjust to the academic and social environment of American colleges and universities. A first of its kind, The Accent of Success is based on psychological theories and research. The authors not only have demonstrated their knowledge of the American system of higher education and opportunities that international students have in the United States, but also have presented anecdotal, empirical, and theoretical evidence of various factors that stand to either impede or facilitate student adjustment and, thus, academic success, all the while making the information accessible to the students on a practical level.The Accent of Successoffers: *Real world perspectives of what international students can expect to experience in their pursuit of higher education in the United States *Accurate information related to obtaining visas, entering the United States, and maintaining legal status *An effective resource to deal with issues related to cultural adjustment for international students *Realistic presentations of important cultural aspects of American life *Useful overviews and descriptions of the system of higher education in the United States.