Cool Colleges: For the Hyper-Intelligent, Self-Directed, Late Blooming, and Just Plain Different

Ten Speed Press
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Fully revised since the first edition, COOL COLLEGES covers the most exciting schools in the U.S. and Canada, with a new chapter on eco schools, an update on tuition-free schools, and the total low-down on the so-called top-ranked schools. Are you hyper-intelligent? Self-directed? A late-bloomer? Or just different? Then you need a great school that will challenge, nurture, inspire, and motivate you?

It will also give you the scoop on:

What the Ivy league is and what it really wants

Totally free schools, including one where financial need is a requirement for admission

Universities that don't give grades.

Schools that don't want your SAT scores.

Data on the highest (and lowest) paying majors.

Schools where you can design your own degree program

A college where you can hike and camp your way to a degree

A college that runs its own ranch on an 80-square-mile campus

Science and engineering schools where undergrads get their own labs

The most competitive colleges, including one that rejects 95% of applicants

Campuses where students love to study, even on Saturday night

Schools that offer programs in computer game studies, comedy, auctioneering, special-effects makeup, and more