The Founding of America (6 DVD Box Set)

History Channel
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840 minutes
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Number of discs: 6
Format: PAL

Founding Brothers Volumes 1 & 2 
In America's first years, Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Burr struggled to transform their disparate visions into an enduring government. Based on Joseph Ellis' Pulitzer Prize winning book, Founding Brothers examines six moments when the collisons and collusions of these towering figures left an indelible imprint on the nation: the secret dinner that determined the site of the capital and America's financial future; Benjamin Franklin's call for an end to slavery; George Washington's farewell address to the nation; John Adams's term as president; Hamilton and Burr's famous and fatal duel, and the final reconciliation between Adams and Jefferson. Drawing on the words of the founders and incisive commentary from leading scholars, Founding Brothers is an elegant and engaging portrait of America's origins in personal conflict and compromise. 

The Revolution 
Through cinematic recreations, intimate biographical investigations and provocative political, military and economic analysis, HISTORY™ breathes new life into one of the most pivotal periods in American history. From the roots of the Revolution to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, victory on the battlefield at Yorktown and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, this is the history of America.

• A comprehensive look at American history 
• Intimate biographical investigation; provocative political, military and economic commentary and evocative original music. 
• Approximately 14 hours across 6 discs.